Department Overview

Animal Science Department was established in the early 1980s at Isfahan University of Technology to train the students so that they could properly manage livestock and poultry farms and improve practice in animal sciences. This department has aimed to increase the quality in all aspects of animal sciences. Our mission is to expand and transfer knowledge for continuous improvement of the animal husbandry and to support human population with sufficient safe products such as egg, milk, white and red meats, etc. Our academic members are teaching and researching in different fields of Animal Science including Animal Nutrition and Metabolism, Feed Evaluating System, Animal Physiology and endocrinology, Animal Embryology, Farm Management Systems, Animal Immunology, Genetics and Animal Breeding, Animal Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics. Our department is supported with advanced research laboratories and specialized facilities to support research studies and graduate students' thesis and dissertations, as well as offering services to the industry.

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