Animal Physiology and Biotechnology

Reproductive Physiology

  • Understanding the effects of heat and cold stress on the reproductive performance of sheep, goat and cattle.
  • Evaluating the immune system and the reproductive response of ruminants and nonruminants to dietary modifications.
  • Probing the effect of feed additives and vitamin & mineral supplements on follicular dynamic and hormonal changes.
  • Addressing the effect of unsaturated fatty acids on the reproductive performance of sheep and cattle.
  • Investigating the effect of anti-nutritional factors on the health, hepatic enzymes, and the reproductive performance of sheep and cattle.


Gene Expression and Immune Responses

  • Evaluation of gene expression and its relation with different physiological circumstances.
  • Investigation of mRNA expression in response to different nutrients such as fatty acids, amino acids and minerals.
  • On or off status of different genes, particularly in the immune and metabolic system.
  • Activation of the gene in vitro or in vivo, with the programming of the cell and its controlling for physiological or pharmacological purposes.


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