Agricultural biotechnology

Biotechnology and its application to agricultural system have been recognized as a frontier technology for achieving sustainability of the food production in the world. In Iran, also biotechnology has been identified as one of the key strategic technologies aimed at supporting sustainable crop production. Therefore, education in the field of agricultural biotechnology in Iran has been considered as an essential part of planning and performing modern agriculture.
The Department of Agricultural Biotechnology was founded in 1999 at the College of Agriculture, Isfahan university of Technology, based on a recognition that the future of Iran’s agriculture will strongly depend on the incorporation of biotechnology in this field. The department offers graduate and undergraduate study programs in agricultural biotechnology and has launched a Ph.D program in
molecular genetics, jointly with the Department of Plant Breeding. The overall objectives of the department are to expose students to the latest techniques and advances in agricultural biotechnology with a strong emphasis on understanding of the theory, principles, techniques and potential of biotechnology in agriculture.


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